BICE (Size XS)


Description: One-piece sartorial shirt in blend silk abstract print in shades of forest green and brown with in thread lace details in and sequins on the front

Features: Bice is a short and soft box-line shirt with a 3/4 sleeve. the detail that makes it unique and particular is the lace in sequins col. mud that borders the front of the sides of the buttons. The fabric is in silk and viscose printed and has a full-bodied and fluid consistency. The sleeves are 3/4 wide at the bottom.

Fit: fully hand-stitched in one piece this shirt has a right fit for the shoulders and then is soft on the chest and sleeves.

Size: Italian 40 - XS (Bust 86-90 cm / Waist 66-70 cm / Hips 90-94 cm) shirt length is cm 55 the model is 1.63 cm tall.

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